Customer First Approach

Trust is the highest priority between Us and Our clients

A Duty To You Above All Else

A Client’s needs are our foremost priority. The biggest focus in our work is ensuring We get what you want. Properly.

Media Extraordinaires

Creators. Influencers. Marketers. Closers.

Connecting through Marketing

There’s a beauty in everything, you just got to look for it in the right places. The first touch of almost every buyer, is through media. That we know how to do, damn well.

Strength of Many, not One.

The Realtor Collective, is a team of 3 specialised Marketeers.

Trusted Hands, Never Lack.

Chanel Ariel, our Influencer Realtor. Khai Yuen, our Financial Expert and Chris, the Creator handles all aspects of your needs with a team based approach, never lacking.

We’d love to meet you in person! Or virtually. Give us a hello!

Proper is a team of  3 dedicated realtors. We each specialise in various skillsets that ensure your needs are met from every imaginable angle. We do property the only way we know how, Properly.

Main Office: 1 Commonwealth Lane #09-18, Singapore 149544

Phone: Chanel | Chris | Khai

Property, done Properly.

Media First Realtor Team with Proven Track Record for Hire.