The En-Bloc of Sims Avenue

The biggest sale I ever handled, approximating S$25 million in overall costs for redevelopment. In 2019, a board of owners of the landed shophouses along Sims Avenue approached me with a enormous task.

To find a developer to purchase a plot of freehold land about 12,500 sqft, that was both commercial and residential in zoning.

The job ahead of me wasn’t simple.
1. Zoning was both residential and commercial (in temporary approval) in nature
2. Redevelopment of land would mean a 40% reduction in size for road widening – a redevelopment feature of Geylang (due to the road lanes being too narrow and few)
3. To launch a campaign to reach out to developers for this plot of land.
4. Middle of the journey, this land become zoned for conservation due to the historical importance.

Over 60 years old

Redeveloped and Conserved in 2023

Skills Needed

As a realtor, our job exceed sales pitches and marketing. In order to achieve this sale, I had to;
– Learn about zoning and development charges (DC)
– Handle Governing and Approval Parties; URA, BCA, LTA and SCDF
– Corporate Developers & Hotelier Branding (IBIS hotel)
– Manage the board of shareholders of landowners

Without a single hiccup and a journey that spanned 2 years, this integral part of history of Singapore has been beautified, preserved and both sellers and buyers made all the happier.

Project Planning, Timeline and Management 90%
Government Organisational Administraion and Documentation 76%
Corporate Marketing/Sales & Commercial Negotiation 100%
Skills to handle Capital Markets and Corporate Clientele 94%